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Editorial and Copy Editing Services … because literature is sexy.

Language and literature have long been my innate passions. I gravitate not merely toward the written word, but toward the well-written word. With a reverence for the writer’s voice, like any good madam, I have the innate ability to complement your work with hand-picked services tailored to your discrete needs. My inherent (what some call obsessive-compulsive) abilities for grammar, punctuation, and syntax – as well as my uncanny knack for unearthing the error overlooked time and again – round out my editing prowess quite nicely.

I hold a master of arts from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in classical theatre and literature. Formerly called the University Without Walls, The Gallatin School at NYU admits focused, disciplined students who create individualized programs culled from coursework, private lessons, independent study, and internships. My course of study was both creative and academic in nature, derived from studies in dramatic literature, performance, creative strategies, and classical theatre.

My undergraduate work was performed at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where I graduated at the top of my class. I began my undergraduate studies at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences with a focus in anthropology and creative writing. I then transferred to Tisch and majored in cinema studies, with a minor concentration in dramatic literature and theatre history.

I am currently sharpening my skills in the Professional Sequence in Editing at
UC Berkeley. Offering proficiency in copyediting, line editing and developmental editing, the Professional Sequence in Editing builds from grammar and usage to editing for various goals and audiences and culminates in the art of substantive editing to refine an author’s style. This high-caliber, post‑baccalaureate course of study is taught by working professionals with years of experience and reflects Berkeley’s unmatched reputation for excellence.

Before shifting my focus to publishing, I worked as a feature-film script consultant, as well as a writer and story editor for documentary and reality series for networks such as MTV (Made), Bravo (The It Factor), and VH1 (Totally Obsessed).

I am a writer of short stories, poetry, a memoir (in progress), as well as two feature-length screenplays (all of which can be viewed here, on The Bohemian Heart).

Please view my experience and qualifications at this link.

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