My Mother’s Perfume

I remember the smell of my mother’s perfume
The ghostly essence of an elegant woman
lingering about her dressing table
secreted away in the draperies of her room
gracing the soft crevices in each fold of her bedspread
Her presence suddenly so strong
adult brain melts instantly to daughter’s heart
longing for mother’s touch, comfort, and loving gaze

2 Replies to “My Mother’s Perfume”

  1. Dear Crystal, My Mother’s Perfume touched me VERY deeply. You reached a place in my heart that most perfectly brings my mother to me. The memory most deeply embedded in my little girl memory is the smell of my mother when she came into my room and tucked me in at night; when she leaned down to kiss me as she left for a cocktail party. My mother knew how I felt about that lovely aspect of her and gave me her whole collection of perfumes, some dating back to before WWII (like me). I find myself sometimes going to them in a moment of nostalgia or loneliness for her warmth. My mother is 90 and I will share your verse with her. She will smile and know. Thank you. I plan to read all of your work and will smile for you. Cindy Kirkland, Dallas, TX

    1. Cynthia, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. Your story of your own mother is beautiful and touched me deeply as well. I’m honored that you will share this poem with your mother. I wrote it for my mom last Valentine’s Day.

      With very best regards,
      Crystal Sershen

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